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Sparc Brand Guidelines & Assets

To make sure the Sparc visuals always look great, we've put together a mini brand guideline page. Here, you can find out what our colours and fonts are, along with downloads of our brand assets. If you need anything else or run into issues, please email us.

The Sparc Logo

The Sparc logo can be used in numerous colour ways — Flame (the most ubiquitous one), Aqua, Neon, Watermelon, and Fresh. They are all as important as each other, and can be used whenever desired — There's no need to stick to a specific colour way for specific purpose (i.e.: don't worry about using both Neon and Fresh when promoting a performance). However, the "core" Sparc logo uses the Flame colour way. This should be the only one used for official business, such as partnerships or credits etc.

The Sparc logo also comes in solid black and solid white, for use in less expensive print runs or for use as an overlay (i.e.: the solid white version will work better than a colour version on top of a busy picture).

The Sparc logo can be used with or without the text cut out, allowing for the shape to be used as a visual element by itself. Similarly, we have a "star" shape that represents Sparc and can be used throughout promotional materials etc.

Please avoid placing the colour versions of the logo on top of busy images, and pay attention to the spacing — You don't want it too close to other elements.

You can download various versions of the logo at the bottom of this page.

Sparc Colours


Typefaces (fonts)

The typeface we use throughout our materials is Raleway. You can download it for free here: Raleway Font

Ideally, use Raleway Regular at no less than 11pt size for normal paragraphs. For headings/titles, you can use Raleway SemiBold or Raleway Bold, at whatever sizes are required. Try to avoid centering/justifying text, as it impacts readability. You can use the other "weights" (i.e.: Light, Italic, Black etc.) for emphasis as needed.

Asset Downloads

Download Sparc logo files | Print (PDF & EPS formats) | 64MB

Download Sparc logo files | Web (JPG & PNG formats) | 12MB

Sparc poster frames & assets coming soon!