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About Sparc

The Sparc team is an integral part of the community development work at Valleys Kids and we work with young people in a variety of settings. Using creative techniques the children and young people explore different areas of their lives and the lives of others in a positive way.

Who We Are

Valleys Kids Youth Arts project, we use theatre and art to explore different area of our lives, we create our own work and collaborate with other inspiring organisations to ignite change in our communities.

Sparc workshops are run professionally and are free so come and join us as everyone is welcome.

Sparc is a partnership between professional Youth Arts workers and young people together we engage and inspire each other and those around us to be creative work together and have fun. We are both inclusive and aspirational and we work in an environment of trust and respect. All Sparc workshops are free to ensure that cost is never a barrier. We take risks in our work but we are safe with each other and in this way we encourage everyone to grow and develop, accept challenges and work together for a better future for our communities and ourselves.

Professionally trained Youth Arts workers who came to Drama Workshop and Youth Theatre themselves as children, or were from the area and volunteered to help mostly run Sparc. They understand from this inside the difference that the arts can make in changing lives and they have returned to pass on their experience, knowledge and expertise. The Youth Arts workers understand the barriers that young people can face in accessing the arts so they are always on hand to offer support when needed and to encourage people to participate in a way that is helpful to them.