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Sparc Love Letters

Well done Miranda! From Seren Wilcox

To Sparc, I've loved working with you for the past couple months #SPARC From Maddison

It was super cool, I loved the acting

To Sparc, Happy Birthday. I love drama in school but in the 6 weeks holidays I was not able to do drama but ever since I found Sparc, I am. Thank you Sparc, Love from Risa x

I love Sparc. I feel wonderful. I enjoy Sparc. Sparc is so fantastic. I enjoy it when we do shows. Thank you. By Skyla

Dear Sparc, Don't stop being you. Because of you there are memories and experiences that last forever. Inspired to be me!

Love Willow

To Sparc, thanks for being with us all these 25 years. You feel like family to the company. From Seren Wilcox

Dear Sparc, you have been a thing for 25 years it's crazy! I hope you are a thing forever! It's so amazing and inspiring! You have inspired loads of children to do what they love. From Isabel Rece

Thank you for all the support you have given me, for the guidance and of course the fun! Most of all for introducing me to new people and new friends. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Danny J

I have loved looking through these memories tonight. So many good times, so much love & so much growth. I owe my confidence, my strength & my self esteem to Valleys Kids. Thank you. Big love to Miranda. An inspiration & wonderful person! Eira x

To 'Sparc', Please take a moment to stop + breathe and be PROUD of everything you do + everything you've done + everything you will do. Diolch X

I have many happy memories of Sparc or what I called it ArtWorks Valleys Kids. It was nice to come back and see people I haven't seen for a long time. I enjoy every moment. Iestyn Harris

Thank you for everything you have done. From Kiana

In a world increasingly concerned with greed and individual gain, Sparc give and give, showing that in nurturing everyone, we all gain. Sparc make RCT, South Wales and the wider world a better place to be xxx

Thank you for all of the wonderful opportunities you give to young people in the Valleys and beyond. So lovely to see so many smiling faces in the gallery! The fun you have is a delight to see.

An amazing place to children to attend. My oldest is 39 years of age and we have such lovely memories of them spending time at Bike Club. Not only using the facilities at the Bike Club, but their school hosting lots of their concerts etc at the community Bike Club xxx Janine E, Natalie E, Rhys E, Mrs Eshelby. 

To Sparc, I love drama soooo much! Drama is the best in the world. Happy 25th Birthday/Anniversary! and I have to keep coming/going to drama. From Hollie

To Sparc, Happy 25 bday

Thank you for being so welcoming when I joined. Charlie-Jayne xx

Sparc, ArtWorks, Miranda, Jono, Tom, Ian, Gemma, Rachel, Claire, Emma, Teg

Where do I begin,

Imagine my life if I didn't have you in my life forever!

25 years is a long time to have been in love with something.

Thank you for igniting my Sparc,

Thank you for changing my whole life


Thank you for being my first love.

I don't think anyone else could have me playing 'Bang Bang' in a room full of corporates.

Only you could create such a Sparc.

"Long live the reckless and the brave"

25,000 years more please

Love, Nadine


Thank you for everything you done for us.

Lots of love



Dear Sparc, I have had a lovely time with you throughout the years. It's been so wonderful in dance and drama. Now I have done my show, I want to say congratulations to you on your 25th anniversary. Thank you Sparc.

From Poppie James


You are the best 

To Sparc, Happy 25th year and I am glad to be with you




Thank you for being so welcoming when I joined x

I love Sparc. Hollie x

I remember from my younger days of the amazing support, it's amazing to see other young people being supported with the BEST staff! 

Well done guys you should all be so proud!

I hope you enjoyed the cupcakes


Natalie Esh

To Drama, I love you lots from Talia Morgans

Forever grateful for the memories and childhood I had through you guys. I wouldn't be half the person I am today without the life lessons and guidance. Leah xoxo

To Artworks/Sparc,

How I've missed everyone!

It was so good to see how everything is the same yet not, seeing you guide the new generation!

I'm so lucky to have been with you guys for all of these years, you've inspired me to be more confident, to reach for the impossible. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for you amazing people!

Thank you for giving me the fantastic memories that I look back on fondly and tell everyone who will listen.

Forever grateful,


Dear Sparc,

I do love the colouring and sticking.  

I do love the shows that I have seen with you.

I do absolutely love the shows.

I love the room and like Miranda and I love Claire and mummy.

Love and Kisses


Seren W


What can I say!  A vibrant, modern, beautiful design intertwined with a message that runs to our core!

Sparc has been a home from home for so many for so long.  A place for people to share their stories in a place where they have been to feel welcome and safe.

Their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations have all been heard and supported by a group of mentors who really care and have a passion for the arts running through their veins.

Artworks will always hold the most special place in my heart, but Sparc will be in my dreams and my hopes for the future.

Best wishes and Happy 20th Birthday


To Sparc

I absolutely love the fact I can be myself and I've met so many amazing people.

P.S I'm gonna marry Miranda or Gemma

Love Eloise

Artworks gave me a passion for drama, starting in my teenage years, and carried on into adulthood. It was the enthusiasm of the people involved and the tremendous support and encouragement that I loved the most.

Miranda wasn't just a drama teacher and youth worker, she was a mentor, a friend and an inspiration.

One of the proudest moments of my life was being given the chance to travel to Botswana to bring storytelling through drama and dance to the children at their schools. It was something that will stay with me forever.  I can't imagine having that opportunity without Valleys Kids and the Artworks team.

It's such a privilege to of had the chance to be part of Artworks and hope generations for years to come are so lucky as I have been.

Love you all.


To Artworks/Sparc,

I love being here as I can always be myself. The opportunities I've been give are amazing!  Such as going to North Wales and now going to Tate! I've met new and fantastic people and I can not wait to experience more.


Alysha x

Dear Artworks/Sparc,

Love you so much!

Coming to drama makes me feel like myself, I am happy to be myself and I am so pleased that I have met new people.

I have stayed in contact with a lot of lovely friends from Artworks.

Gemma is my favourite.. Meh!

Love everyone and everything!


Dear Sparc,

What I love about drama is that it is really fun and really interesting!  Drama will be part of my life forever!

My goal is to be an actor.

So with your help I might achieve it!

From Mackenzie

Age 11

What I love about Artworks that you get to meet new people and experience things you don't get experience every day.

From Cady

I am 11 years old.

What I like about drama is going to shows, games and especially Miranda, Rachel and Claire

Ruby Emmett

To Sparc,

I love the new name that you choose it does remind me about something is sparkling in the sky.

Thank you for reading my letter.

From Kai Williams

The poetry of motion.

The explosion of imagination.

A place to belong.

In company we grow strong.

The Sparc that lights the fire in our hearts!


Good luck for another 20 years.

Tom Stupple

To Sparc,

I love it when we play the Jungle game!


To Sparc,

I love when we coloured the Sparc logo in paint!

From Phoebe Williams

To Artworks/Sparc the love of my life,

I can be myself here this makes me happy.  It's somewhere I can be myself without having the mick taken out of me.

I've made lots of friends.