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If you want to join Sparc parents, guardian and young people can contact us direct on our works number 01443 303032 we will arrange to meet with you for a cup of tea and a chat or call you back and find out which group(s) will suit you best. If you would prefer fill in the form below with your details and we will call you and arrange to meet.

All our activity sessions are free at the point of delivery to ensure that everyone can attend. For professional performances we keep our prices as low as possible with concessionary rates, club members pay as little as £1 for professional performances and cinema nights and we don’t want any child not to attend because of financial concerns so we will always find a way to ensure they can take part.

Sparc Plus: If you are 16+ or a student and would like a placement please just call us on 01443 303032 or email and we will arrange a cuppa and a chat, we have a training pack for people on placement and can send this in advance if it Is helpful. If you are a parent or a teacher and would like to arrange a placement please contact Gemma by phone or at the above email we are always happy to help.

vk-logoValleys Kids is a registered charity if parents & friends want to contribute you can donate through our website or set up a direct debit that way Sparc can continue to offer all young people services free of charge.