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The #OurSpace/#LleNi Campaign

30 2018 09:00 to 25 2019 00:00

Read all about the effects of #OurSpace/#LleNi

#OurSpace / #LleNi came out of the 2018 Tate Exchange experience.  Read all about it here.

Post Tate the social media campaign continues!  The film we launched was part of Wales Youth Work Week and to date over 7,000 people have viewed the film.  It has created a focus for other young people to share their views about how this decision has affected them.  One young woman’s response was to immediately get her friends together: “I’ve got a bunch of us who used to come to centre… whatever you want, if we can help please let us…”

Since then, the Deputy Leader of the Council, the Children’s Commissioner and Sue Philips (responsible for consultation with young people in RCT) have all seen the film and agreed to meet with the young people involved.  As one young person describes it:  “This project is really important, because it helps us to have a voice.” 

The campaign continues - get involved by using #OurSpace / #LleNi


The #OurSpace/#LleNi Campaign